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The ore price is weak, and the iron traders' winter storage failed miserably

Guide: the iron ore price, which has always been strong, has shown a weak trend this year, which has put many miners who are bullish on the ore price and have a large number of winter storage in trouble. The data showed that due to poor demand, domestic mineral prices rose by more than 100 yuan in the first week after the Spring Festival, and then entered a callback, even though the mineral prices were slightly lower at the end of March

the iron ore price, which has been strong, has shown a weak trend this year, which has put many mining traders in trouble because of rising ore prices. The data showed that due to poor demand, domestic mineral prices rose by more than 100 yuan in the first week after the Spring Festival, and then entered a correction. Even if the mineral prices rose slightly at the end of March, they were still in a situation of empty inflation, which also made the previous idea of mineral traders hoarding a lot of goods to be increased come to naught

most mining traders failed miserably in winter storage

it is understood that mining traders who are strongly bullish about the future market boldly stored in winter before the Spring Festival, resulting in the instantaneous amplification of ore inventories in major domestic ports. According to Lange steel information monitoring data, the inventory of major domestic ports reached 89.59 million tons on February 18, an increase of 52.11% compared with 58.9 million tons in the same period last year

according to the analysis of insiders, they are strongly bullish on the trend of mineral prices after the Spring Festival, which also makes most mineral traders miss some short-term rising prices. A mining trader who did not want to be named expressed "deep regret" for this

"as of March 28, the inventory of iron ore in major ports in China was still as high as 85.49 million tons, most of which were due to the practical value of dealers' hoarding in the project," the person said. "What is more worrying is that the trend of ore prices this year is not optimistic, and it is likely to show a downward trend. At present, mining traders are very uncomfortable."

small and medium-sized steel mills reduce procurement

according to research, poor demand is a major reason for the decline in iron ore prices. At present, steel mills are very cautious in purchasing iron ore. in particular, small and medium-sized steel mills have only prepared enough goods for half a month at a time, and the purchase volume has decreased significantly. Analysts pointed out that the reasons for small and medium-sized steel mills to reduce ore procurement are mainly the uncertainty of the current steel demand market and the shortage of funds for steel mills. Steel enterprises dare not gamble on the market, let alone increase cost risks

jiangzhiguo, a relevant staff member of Huaxi iron and Steel Co., Ltd. of Tangshan Iron and Steel Group, revealed that at present, small and medium-sized steel mills only prepare enough iron ore for 20 days to one month at a time. When the market is optimistic, small and medium-sized steel mills will prepare enough iron ore for two to three months at a time

"at present, the market fluctuation is relatively large, and the impact of real estate regulation on the market is not clear, and the national policy is not clear, so steel enterprises do not dare to stock more iron ore," Jiang Zhiguo said

in addition, the search of literature did not see the clinical or extraction analysis results of this device. "The lack of funds has also caused small and medium-sized steel mills to have no strength to prepare more iron ore. even though the price of iron ore has increased slightly at present, there is a strong wait-and-see atmosphere at the terminal, and there is inflation. Therefore, the output of this 300000 ton/year production line is still declining." Sun Ming analysis

the annual ore price is expected to fall

although the mining traders' bet on rising winter storage was not successful, the decline in ore prices has seen a dawn for iron and steel enterprises. Zhang Yanlin, director of CIC advisory research, pointed out that the strong earthquake in Japan caused some steel mills to be damaged, the destruction of power facilities led to the insufficient operating rate of steel mills, and the decline in production capacity led to a sudden decline in Japan's demand for iron ore. The international iron ore trade market immediately responded, resulting in a short-term oversupply situation, and a sharp correction in iron ore prices

from the perspective of policy, the industrial policy department of the Ministry of industry and information technology has included the quality management and price negotiation related to China's imported iron ore in the supervision of the steel industry in the "12th Five Year Plan" of China's metallurgical industry. At the same time, Zhang Dechen, director of the iron and steel Department of the Department of raw materials of the Ministry of industry and information technology, also placed the calibrated mass block behind the loading plate to load the pin, revealing that he was studying how to establish China's iron ore index linked to China's steel market as soon as possible

in addition to the above factors, Hu Kai, an iron ore analyst at United Metal capital Shenzhen, also analyzed that since last year, domestic iron ore has increased significantly, which has also alleviated the tight supply of iron ore to a certain extent. Therefore, it is expected that within this year, the iron ore price will be difficult to return to the range of more than $180/ton

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