The hottest orette launched WR series thermocouple

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Orette launched WR series thermocouples

orette Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, development, production, sales and agency of torque sensors, torque sensors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, load cells and other sensors. It has rich R & D and production experience in the field of industrial control and sensors, and masters the domestic leading sensing technology and industrial automatic control core technology

recently, the WR series thermocouples launched by the company are industrial thermocouples. This group of devices can be used as temperature measuring instruments, together with display instruments, recorders, etc., and can directly measure the temperature of liquid, steam, gas media and solid surfaces from 0 ℃ to +1800 ℃ in various production processes. And according to the requirements of users, it can be made into kaizhuang, assembly, explosion-proof and other products suitable for a variety of industrial sites and laboratory requirements

technical indicators of this series of products:

insulation resistance: for these parts, the insulation resistance between the Thermoelectrode and the protective tube of the thermocouple with a temperature of 15 ~ 35 ℃ and a relative humidity of ≤ 80% should not be less than 5m Ω (voltage 100V), The minimum insertion depth of the thermocouple should not be less than the diameter of its protective tube. The steel bar bending tester has a variety of measuring units. The testing machine meets the new standard GB electronic universal testing machine. The testing accuracy of these small tonnage materials is 8 ~ 10 times/t1499.2. The lead can be two-wire or three wire

response time: metal protective tube Φ 16 t<90s Φ 12 T <30s

protective tube material: stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti, carbon steel 20#, high aluminum

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