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Avaya launched its first video cloud service in the Chinese market. Beijing, December 10, 2015 -- Avaya, the world's leading provider of enterprise communication systems, software and services, launched its first cloud service, Avaya smart video cloud service, in Beijing today. Avaya will work with digital China, a distribution partner in China, to provide this pay per use service. Avaya launched this service at a seminar held in Beijing today, and more than 300 representatives of customers and partners attended the event

with Avaya smart video cloud service, customers do not need to invest in the video conference system in advance. 3. After crushing the sample, they can buy the service according to their needs. This model can help customers respond to changing business needs more quickly and flexibly, and improve customer satisfaction and profitability. Avaya smart video cloud service is based on Avaya's leading scorpioa video conferencing solution, which can help enterprises improve efficiency, strengthen team collaboration, and in-depth communication and interaction with customers

avaya is transforming into a software and service company, and this release also confirms this transformation. The release of Avaya's smart video cloud service once again shows Avaya's commitment to the Chinese market, and also shows that in the era of Internet +, Avaya is strengthening its support for customers and helping customers transform. In October this year, Avaya announced that a new legal entity established in Shanghai was officially put into operation to better serve local customers and partners

some customers have adopted Avaya smart video cloud service in advance, including Shenzhen vistek Technology Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in the field of domestic personal 3D printers. At today's press conference, Dr. chenwenjuan, CEO of vistek, shared how Avaya smart video cloud service provides support to employees in different locations, including Europe, to help them improve collaboration efficiency and communication efficiency with overseas customers

according to the prediction of IDC, a market research organization, the spot market price of imported minerals in China's video conference market stabilized on the 8th, and 6 suppliers will arrive at the ordering party in time from 2014 to 2019 0% compound annual growth rate, while the video conference cloud service market will accelerate its development

the video conference cloud platform released this time is hosted in the IDC of the operator to ensure the efficiency, reliability and security of video and data information transmission

avaya smart video cloud service can bring customers excellent performance and use experience:

open and use: the conference interface is clear and easy to operate. Customers can quickly deploy instant meetings and make appointments, and send them to all participants by email. Customers can also make appointments and manage meetings

experience Excellence: through SVC, H. 265. HD access by dual stream playback and other methods, with excellent video quality

enjoy everywhere: participants can access through HD hardware devices, PCS (supporting windows and Mac operating systems), or mobile devices (supporting IOS and Android operating systems) and voice (fixed line and mobile) wherever there is Internet

security: realize multi-layer protection, adopt AES, DES and other signaling in the transmission layer, and adopt h in the access layer. 460, stun and other agreements. In the application layer of customers, conference locking, conference password and other means are used to further strengthen security

economical and flexible: the access mode and payment mode can be reasonably arranged according to the actual use needs of customers

the release of cloud services is of great significance for Avaya's transformation to the software and service business model in the Chinese market, and also reflects our commitment to the Chinese market. In the Internet + era, the development of mobile Internet and cloud computing is driving changes in all industries, including the enterprise communication market. The release of Avaya smart video cloud service helps Chinese customers use high-quality video conferencing in a suitable way to improve their collaboration level and overall business performance

--chen Wei, President of Avaya Greater China

is in the cutting-edge 3D printing field, and we need to respond quickly to market changes. Our team is located in different office locations, including Europe, and many of our customers are also from overseas markets. Avaya smart video cloud service helps us strengthen communication efficiency, including communication within the team and with customers and partners, so as to improve the level of collaboration and customer satisfaction. Flexibility is another important factor for us to choose cloud services, because we can easily adjust to changes in demand, and we can always use the most advanced video conferencing technology in the market

-- Dr. chenwenjuan, CEO of Shenzhen vistek Technology Co., Ltd.

video conference cloud service is widely accepted by the market, especially in the small and medium-sized enterprise market, and is becoming one of the main driving forces for the development of the video conference market and even the unified communication market. In the past, the cost of purchasing and maintaining video conferencing systems may deter some enterprises. The video conference cloud service launched by manufacturers such as Avaya gives enterprises more choices. Without investment in infrastructure, enterprises can immediately use advanced HD video conference (2) admixture negotiation and other collaboration functions

-- Cui Kai, research manager of IDC Telecom and IOT

about Avaya

Avaya is a leading supplier of enterprise and customer engagement solutions, committed to improving customer experience, efficiency and enterprise performance through a variety of channels and devices. Avaya has the world's leading contact center and unified communication technology and services, and can provide a variety of flexible deployment methods, which facilitates seamless integration with other applications. Avaya engagement development platform enables third parties to develop and customize enterprise applications to enhance their competitive advantage. Avaya matrix network solution helps simplify and accelerate the deployment of key enterprise applications and services

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