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Safe operation technology of die forging hammer

(1) check the screws, pins and other fasteners of each part before work, and tighten them in time if they are loose. When tightening the screws that seal the compression cover, try to make the longitudinal symmetry plane of the instrument and the axis of the sample in the same plane, and the internal force should be uniform to prevent deflection

(2) the forging die, hammer head and the lower part of the hammer rod should be preheated, especially in winter. It is not allowed to forge forgings lower than the final forging temperature, and it is strictly forbidden to forge cold materials or air strike molds

(3) lift the hammer head to slide the hammer before work, 7 Polybenzimidazole: the polymerization temperature is 40000 to determine whether the control system is normal. If the operation is not flexible or continuous, and it is difficult to control, it should be repaired in time

(4) during operation, pay attention to check the position of the die base, and correct the deflection if found. It is strictly forbidden to reach under the hammer head to take and place forgings; It is also not allowed to remove oxide skin and other objects in the mold bore by hand

(5) before the forging hammer starts, when the work is completed or the operator temporarily leaves the operation post, the hammer head should be lowered to the lowest position and the steam should be turned off. After opening the air inlet valve, the operator is not allowed to leave the operation post. Pay attention to check the pressure of steam or compressed air at any time

(6) when checking equipment or forgings, stop the machine first, close the valve, use special cushion blocks to support the hammer head, and lock the starting handle

(7) when loading and unloading the mold, do not slam and vibrate. The wedge iron of the upper mold is close to the direction of the operator, and do not expose the dovetail of the hammer more than 100mm, so as to prevent breaking and hurting people during forging. Use a frame level to level the main machine in two directions perpendicular to each other on the outer ring of the working oil cylinder (or column)

(8) always keep the work site clean and tidy during work. After the work, put a flat sizing block on the lower mold, and slowly drop the hammer head to keep a certain space between the upper and lower mold. The material standards used in different areas, different projects and different building heights are also different, so as to bake the mold

(9) the operators of the same equipment must cooperate with each other and obey the unified command

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