Safe use measures of the hottest material elevator

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Measures for safe use of material hoists

1. Material hoists are handled by full-time institutions and full-time staff

2. The assembly is left behind for acceptance, and the no-load, dynamic load and overload tests are stopped

3. The driver should be specially trained, and the staff of bee Investment Co., Ltd., a strategic investor, should be relatively stable. Before starting each shift, the windlass should be handled. Link to the literature: in plane strength enhancement of laminated composites via aligned carbon nanotube interlaminar reinforcement The inspection of steel wire rope, ground anchor and cable wind rope shall be stopped, and the empty train operation shall be stopped

4. It is strictly forbidden to carry people. If the owner of the material promotion machine escorts the materials, the loading and unloading staff can enter the basket work under the environment of safe and reliable assembly. All kinds of staff are strictly prohibited to take off and land by the basket

5. Prevent climbing and crossing under the frame

6. The driver shall not start the machine when the communication signal is unknown. The driver should perform the emergency parking signal immediately unless anyone withdraws it during the homework

7. The wind rope shall not be arbitrarily cut. If the power is needed and is cancelled, it should be reinforced first, and the landing gear can be used only after the cable wind rope is restored; If the position of the cable wind rope is changed, the ground anchor should be buried again. The original cable wind rope can be removed only after the new cable wind rope is tied

8. Overload operation is strictly prohibited

9. When the driver separates, he should lower the basket and cut off the power supply

10. In addition to the regular inspection, the promotion machine must do a good job in the usual inspection tasks. Usually, the driver should make progress in each shift. The main contents include:

a) whether the connection between the wall pole and the building is loose, or whether the connection between the cable and the ground anchor is loose

b) make an up and down operation of the no-load lifting basket, check whether the operation is normal, and verify whether the limiters are flexible and reliable and whether the Enron door is flexible and intact

c) under additional load, lift the basket to a height of 1~2 meters in the air to stop, and check the reliability of the brake and the stability of the frame

d) whether the connection and perseverance environment of each transmission part of the winch are outstanding

e) the maintenance equipment must be left behind after shutdown. Prevent scrubbing, oiling and other tasks during equipment operation. If you need to rewind the rope on the drum, you must operate by two people. One person starts the machine and the other does not hold the rope for the product standard of plastic shopping bags with a thickness of less than 0.025 mm. They work together

f) the driver should always pay attention to the transmission mechanism and wear during operation. If he finds that the rope and pulley are worn off, he should timely state to the relevant staff and deal with it in time

g) the deformation of the frame and track must be repaired in time

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