Safe operation technology of the hottest paving

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Paving safety operation technology

1. The paver operator must undergo professional training, understand the mechanical function and mechanism, grasp the maintenance knowledge, skillfully grasp the machine function, operation method and safety matters, and can operate the cooling method as water-cooled operation only after it is confirmed to be qualified by the relevant part

2. Before starting the engine, check whether the amount of oil (engine oil, poor performance fuel, task oil, smooth oil) is sufficient, the tightness of the belt on the electric fan, whether there is oil leakage and loose parts. Check whether all kinds of accessories, accessories and things required for the task of the day are complete

3. After starting the engine, check whether the monitoring system is normal after idling for at least two minutes

4. The unloading of the material transport vehicle must be approved by a specially assigned person to accurately unload the material into the mechanical hopper

5. Before the task of the paver, you must contact the leveling staff to ensure that other staff are not in the work before you can work

6. When switching from homework gear to driving gear, the use of the equipment must be stopped when the accelerator is small and the machine is completely stopped, and the task components are stopped under the task environment

7. Operators are strictly forbidden to operate after drinking. When operating tri Mack to support this trend through innovative mixing process, they must wear clean and tidy equipment, and must not wear slippers, smoking, diet and other things that hinder safe homework

8. After the task of the paver, all protective assemblies must be installed at the designated position

9. The operating room (desk) must be kept clean, and the dirt such as oil stain must be cleaned in time. It is not allowed to leave work tools and other items disorderly

10. Before the driver separates the console, all operating mechanisms must be placed in the "0" position

11. When widening the hydraulic active widening paver, we must pay attention to and observe the surrounding environment to prevent injury to people and damage to equipment

12. Equipment maintenance must be stopped according to the requirements in the statement

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