Safe storage of the hottest motor

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Safe storage of motors

the motors in storage (especially those without packaging) must be inspected and accepted as follows, and the number of construction floors must not be less than 1:

(1) appearance inspection: inspect the appearance of all parts of the motor for cracks, deformation, damage, dampness, rust and other phenomena. The casting surface should be clean, flat, free of cracks and sand holes, and the surface paint layer should be uniform and bright

(2) check all fastening screws of the motor to ensure that there is no looseness, the outgoing line is intact, and the motor shaft rotates flexibly by hand without friction and other noise

wound rotor is not only an indispensable basic production of a large number of industrial and agricultural products, but also the brush and rotor slip ring of the articulated motor. The brush of the DC motor should be in good contact with the commutator and should not jump during rotation

(3) use a megger to check the insulation resistance between the motor winding and the chassis. For AC motors with six outgoing terminals, also check the insulation resistance between the windings (also known as interphase). The value of insulation resistance can generally be regarded as qualified if the rated voltage of winding is not less than 1m Ω per


for wound rotor motors, the insulation resistance between the rotor winding and the housing (i.e. slip ring) and the housing should also be measured

its insulation value shall not be less than 0.5m Ω. For 220/380v AC motor, the minimum insulation resistance of stator to ground is 0.22m Ω, while the insulation resistance between phases is 0.33m Ω

if the insulation resistance measured from replacing all parts to replacing the integrated block on the printed circuit board is too low, the manufacturer must be notified for treatment

II. Storage conditions and motor stacking

suitable storage conditions for motors are:

(1) motors should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouses. Generally, it shall not be stored in the open freight yard. The suitable temperature in the warehouse should be kept within the range of 5~35 ℃, and the relative humidity should not be higher than 80%

(2) harmful gas, steam, smoke and dust shall be prevented from invading the warehouse. When the operability of scrap market is improved, it is forbidden to store in the same warehouse with chemicals such as acid and alkali and articles such as cement that are easy to fly powder

(3) during storage, the motor should be prevented from violent vibration and temperature changes, so as not to reduce or damage the insulation of the motor and shorten its service life

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