Safe production operation of the hottest crusher

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Safety production operation of crusher

safety production operation of crusher

(I) preparation before startup

1. Check the integrity and fastening of parts, and add their strength and wear resistance through appropriate heat treatment process (quenching and tempering, carburization and quenching, etc.) Sometimes, special steel is inlaid at the jaw, or steel sand is sprayed on the jaw surface Conditions, especially hammer and other high-speed running parts, must be firmly fixed

2. Check whether the crusher is secure on the base

3. Check the lubrication condition of the bearing

4. Open the door cover of the crushing room and check whether there are sundries in the crushing room

5. Check the fastening of the deflector and remove the sundries adsorbed by the magnet

(II) start up

1. After the above inspection, start the motor to run without load. If the technical conditions of all parts are normal, wait until the speed is normal before running with load

2. There should be no magnetic jamming and friction sound during operation

3. The screen should be firmly installed, sealed and free of leakage. Advanced automotive industries in Europe, the United States and Japan have in-depth research and strict requirements for automotive materials, and the screen frame should be fixed

4. In case of abnormal noise, discharge blockage, bearing or motor overheating during operation, stop feeding, stop for inspection, and eliminate the fault

5. At the end of the work, it should run idle for 2-3 minutes. After the materials in the machine are completely removed, the crusher and fan can be stopped

6. Safety production must be strictly guaranteed during operation. It is strictly forbidden to increase the speed of the crusher at will, but the user must take out the electronic module before cleaning. Check the cotter pin on the pin shaft frequently. If it is excessively worn or cracked, replace it immediately

(III) adjustment and maintenance

1. After the sharp corner of the hammer is blunt, it can be used by reverse angle adjustment. If both corners of one end of the hammer are worn, it should be used by turning around. When adjusting the angle or turning around, all hammers should be carried out at the same time to maintain the balance of the rotor

2. Replace the screen after it is worn or damaged. When installing the screen plate, the side with burrs in the screen hole should face inward, the smooth side should face outward, and the screen plate and screen frame should be closely fitted

3. After each shift, the inside and outside of the machine should be cleaned to remove dust and dirt, so as to prevent the machine from rusting, the screen from blocking, and dust and dirt entering the bearing

4. Check, clean and lubricate bearings regularly

5. In case of serious wear and damage to machine parts, repair and replace them in time, and the repaired rotor should be balanced

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